6 Strategies to position yourself on Instagram

6 Strategies to position yourself on Instagram

It is clear that online visibility must go beyond Google or Bing results. Social networks, particularly Instagram, also act as powerful search engines, and it is not for nothing that brands, whether personal or corporate, are concerned about making a prominent presence on it.

Therefore, if you have a brand, it is crucial to implement specific strategies to stand out and be discovered by users.

In favor of this we will point out some effective tactics to position your profile on Instagram, although you also have the option to count on our outreach services, which will give you better results from the hand of our professionals.

Avoid penalizing techniques

To begin with, it is ideal to stop some practices that can harm rather than help. Avoid penalizing techniques, because just like search engines, when digital media behave strangely or unnaturally, they stop taking them into account.

Among the most common, and worst that can be carried out, we have to follow many people in a short time, so that they follow you, or buy followers, which almost always, are followers of fake accounts or bots, and in no case, this is positive.

In many cases, if you have already fallen into these practices, it may be more beneficial to start over with a new profile. Instagram values authenticity and genuine engagement, so it’s essential to build your presence organically.

Start by optimizing your profile

Profile optimization is the first step towards an effective Instagram presence. It is essential that your username is consistent and easy to remember. Use a clear and attractive profile image that represents your brand.

As for the biography, it should be concise, but informative, describing who you are and what you do, as well as indirectly indicating what you stand out for.

If it is the case, also include a link to your website or a relevant page to drive traffic off the platform, because it is also positive.

Include the keyword in your name

A simple but effective strategy is to include your keyword in the username. For example, if your brand specializes in sustainable fashion, you could have your name followed by a hyphen or a separator and the crucial keyword, such as “Your Name – Sustainable Fashion”. This will increase visibility when users search for related terms.

This has its logic in that, if a user does not know you, but searches for “Sustainable Fashion”, finding your profile, they will get to know you, and if they like your content, they will be able to follow you.

Use hashtags as keywords

Hashtags are not only organizational tools, but also powerful keywords on Instagram. Research and choose hashtags relevant to your industry and content.

Now, make use of them strategically in each of your publications, depending on the publication, so that other users get to see it, but without creating an infinite list of hashtags. However, don’t limit yourself to popular ones, also include hashtags specific to your niche to reach a more targeted audience.

Keywords in descriptions

When sharing content, take advantage of descriptions to incorporate keywords related to your brand, using organic, yet broad semantics.

Be descriptive and authentic when describing your publications. This not only improves search visibility, but also provides context to your followers about the content you share, which in turn is critical to connecting with them.

Alternative text on Instagram

Instagram allows you to add alt text to your images, an often overlooked feature. This text provides a detailed description of the image and is another opportunity to include relevant keywords, something that visually impaired users will appreciate, because it is an option designed for them as well.

So, to achieve the goal of standing out on Instagram, it is essential to go beyond the quality of the images. Implement optimization strategies and use available features to maximize visibility. Remember that authenticity and genuine participation are key in the world of social networks, so build your presence in a conscious and sustainable way, following each of the tips we have given you.