8 Aspects that Google takes into account about backlinks

Aspectos que tiene en cuenta Google de los backlinks

Positioning a website in search engines in general, is essential to increase online visibility and attract visitors, being these the two most basic objectives when creating a website, with which it is intended to obtain profitability.

However, it is common to aim from the beginning to apply strategies thinking about SEO for Google, because it is the main search engine used worldwide.

Google uses a variety of criteria to evaluate the relevance and quality of a website. Among these criteria, backlinks play a crucial role, although not just any backlinks, but backlinks that meet certain points that are key for Google.

Domain authority

Domain authority, as well as page authority, which are related, are a fundamental factor for Google.

One link from a website with high domain authority carries more weight than several links from sites with lower authority. Seeking partnerships with well-established and recognized websites in your industry can significantly improve the authority of your own domain, because in a way, this is transferred.

Relevance and context

Even if the site from which you receive the link has a high domain authority, contextual relevance is essential. Google values links that are naturally integrated into related content.

A backlink from a site with thematically relevant content strengthens the credibility and ranking of your website in search results, therefore, this is a point that cannot be ignored.

Link location

Links at the top of the content or in the main body carry more weight than those located in the footer or in less visible sections. Google interprets prominently placed links as more meaningful and relevant.

However, this does not mean that a link in another area of the content will not be positive, because it is still positive, especially if it complies with other aspects that the search engine likes.

Anchor text usage

Anchor text, or what is commonly called anchor text, should be well used in a link, since it provides additional information to Google about the linked content. Using a descriptive and relevant anchor text improves Google’s understanding of the subject of the link and contributes to ranking in search results.

However, if the anchor text is not optimized or is too optimized, the search engine may not like it, being fundamental the variety of the anchor text.

Diversity of links

A balanced backlinking strategy includes both dofollow and nofollow links. While dofollow links directly convey authority, nofollow links indicate naturalness and diversity in the linking strategy.

Google values a healthy mix of both types of links, so you shouldn’t just have one or the other, but both.

Clean site without spam

Google penalizes sites linked to spam activities, so it is crucial to make sure that the sites linking to your page are legitimate and free of unethical practices. The quality of the online neighborhood influences Google’s perception of the integrity of your own website.

Importance of naturalness

Links should be built in a natural way. Google detects patterns of non-organic behavior, and artificial link building tactics can result in penalties. Authenticity in obtaining links is key to a sustainable positioning that will position you.

Sources of backlinks

The diversity in the sources of backlinks is another of those aspects that the great search engine values for the moment of positioning.

Links from various sources, such as blogs, news sites, social networks and forums, indicate to Google the popularity and overall relevance of your content. The more varied and relevant sources, the better.

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