How to be accepted in Google AdSense? 6 Tips!

How to be accepted in Google AdSense? 6 Tips!

Monetizing your website is a great way to generate revenue while sharing valuable content that is targeted to an interested audience.

One of the most popular platforms to achieve this is Google AdSense, so if you are interested in monetizing, it is ideal to explore why Google AdSense is an outstanding option.

To understand this, we will provide practical tips to increase your chances of being accepted and discuss some alternatives to consider if this does not happen.

Why Google AdSense to monetize your website?

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows website owners to earn money by placing relevant ads on their pages. But why is it the best option? There are several reasons why many opt for Google AdSense:

  • Ease of use. The implementation of Google AdSense ads is simple and does not require advanced technical knowledge, just follow several steps. Google provides a code that you can add to your site, and they take care of the rest, even if you use a plugin for this task, everything will be easier.
  • Variety of advertisers. AdSense has a wide network of advertisers, which means that the ads that will appear on your site are likely to be critical to your audience, translating into the possibility of making the platform more profitable.
  • Potential income. As your web traffic grows, your revenue potential also increases. Google AdSense will use an ad view revenue model, which means that you earn money every time a visitor comes in, which adds up progressively as more visitors come in.
  • Detailed reports. AdSense offers detailed reports that allow you to analyze the performance of the ads on your site. This helps you optimize the placement and type of ads to maximize your earnings.

How to be accepted in Google AdSense?

While there is no magic formula for getting accepted into Google AdSense, there are of course certain best practices that can improve your chances, such as the following:

  • Quality content. One of the most fundamental issues is that your site has original, valuable and crucial content. Avoid plagiarism and the automatic generation of content that does not provide value to users, because in this way, you will hardly be accepted in the platform’s program.
  • Achieve a decent number of visits. Don’t expect that if you don’t have a certain amount of visits per month, you will be accepted. It is elementary in this sense to position with SEO strategies, being one of the most essential, the backlinks, being ideal to have professional link building agencies.
  • Professional design. A clean and professional design creates a good impression, and this factor is elementary. In this sense, it is ideal that your site is easy to navigate and has an attractive appearance.
  • Privacy policy and important pages. It includes pages such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, and contact pages. These pages are signs of a legitimate website.
  • User experience. Optimize the user experience, making sure your site is compatible with mobile devices, has fast load times and is easy to use for all visitors.
  • Domain age. Although it is not a requirement, having a domain with a certain age can be beneficial. Google sometimes prefers long-established websites over newer ones.

Alternatives to Google AdSense to keep in mind

Although Google AdSense is popular, and therefore, a big favorite, it may happen that they do not accept you, and in these cases, thinking about alternatives will not be bad at all, because it will mean that you can continue to generate income:

  • Amazon Associates. Ideal for e-commerce sites, it allows you to earn commissions for products sold through your affiliate links.
  • PropellerAds. Specializing in pop-up ads, banners and sponsored links, it is an option for sites with significant traffic.
  • Adsterra. It offers varied ads, integrating well with content, and being one of the most liked platforms only after Google AdSense.

Remember that each platform has its own policies and requirements, so it is crucial to review and comply with them to ensure a successful monetization experience. With patience and effort, you will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by online advertising.