How to get free backlinks? 7 Ideas!

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In the competitive world of SEO, backlinks are an extremely important resource that cannot be overlooked. Traditionally, many resort to the strategy of paying for quality links, but what happens when the budget is limited?

The good news is that there are effective ways to get backlinks for free, which, if done correctly, will contribute positively to your rankings. However, as soon as you can invest, do not hesitate to count on this professional link building service, which adapts to you and offers you the best in quality links.

Making free backlinks sounds easy, but how do you do it? Well, we will provide you with ideas that will allow you to build a solid link structure without having to spend money, you just have to try the one you want, taking them from theory to practice.

Create linkable resources

Starting with high quality content is fundamental, because this way organic links will naturally flow to your valuable content.

For some, this option may be insignificant, but not taking it into account is a mistake, because it will be a matter of time before it works, and if you don’t apply it, you will be losing potential links.

Either way, be sure to offer useful, relevant and unique information to your audience. When you create linkable resources, you are building a link magnet without spending a dime.

From resource websites

The Internet is full of websites that function as directories or repositories of resources. Contributing to these sites not only allows you to share your content, but also facilitates the creation of backlinks.

It is essential to add value to the community and leave the source of your link in an ethical way, or at least, it is the ideal, because this way you will not only give good signals from this link, but it is also possible to add traffic.

Search for relevant forums

Forums are an excellent source of backlinks, but the key is to target those with quality traffic and genuine participation.

Join crucial conversations, share your expertise and link to your content when relevant. Not only will you build links, but you will also position yourself as a referrer in the forum, which in turn adds more trustworthiness.

Uses footprints

Footprints are specific search patterns that help you find forums and other web sites where you can leave your link. You will be able to customize your searches to discover great new linking opportunities that are not so easy to find by searching conventionally.

This technique not only allows you to diversify your sources of backlinks, but also helps you to reach wider audiences, and of course, as in the aspect mentioned above, it is important to participate in those that you sign up looking to be useful to others, and that this is useful to you.

Skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique involves creating exceptional content that stands out from the competition. Once you have that outstanding resource, share it with those who may be interested.

Whether through social media, email or direct messages, this strategy allows you to get backlinks organically by offering something really worth sharing.

Link exchange

Collaborating with other websites in your niche can be mutually beneficial. Propose link exchanges where both parties win, but be careful, because link exchanges should not be mutual from the same sites.

For example, if you have the website, you can ask for a link from, while you link to another website that is indicated to you, such as

What is vital here is that the sites are relevant and complementary to ensure quality backlinks, ideally moving away from link farms.

Use social networks

Social networks are powerful platforms to promote your content and generate backlinks. Share your posts strategically, engage in relevant conversations and don’t hesitate to ask your audience to share your content.

Also, take advantage of the bio of your profiles to include links to your website, because sometimes it adds authority, but also interested parties that are visits. Just avoid posting them too much, because it could be considered spam, and you don’t want that.